Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Star Throws Shade At Jada Pinkett Smith For Oscar Boycott


Janet Hubert, who became worldwide famous as Will Smith’s Aunt Vivian on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, slammed Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith for publicly saying she would boycott this year’s Oscars because most of the nominees are white – or to be prices, not a single actor or actress of color was nominated for the prestigious award.

Pinkett Smith expressed her disapproval of the Academy Awards for snubbing both her husband and other black actors on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Hubert was definitely not pleased with her opinion. Hubert then released a 4-minute-long video on Youtube in which she criticized Pinkett Smith, asking her if her husband does ‘not have a mouth of his own to speak.’

She then stressed that Jada asked other black actors and actresses to “jeopardize their career and their standing” after her own family earned millions thanks to Hollywood. What do you think, does Hubert have a point? Check out her video here:

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