Freddie Prinze Jr. Recovering After Spinal Surgery

Freddie Prinze Jr has been quite active on social networks lately, especially on Twitter, where he has been posting photos and tweeting about his recovery from spinal surgery. Although he is not willing to disclose the details about his health and condition, he did say he was dealing with some disc issues.

The photos he posted show that Prinze Jr is very serious about recovering as quickly as possible, and working hard to maintain his balance and using a lot of visualizing techniques and mental training.

Apparently, the actor practically needs to learn how to walk again and says that before he starts to actually practice walking he needs to go through the techniques in his head, so that once he’s healthy, he’s completely ready.

Freddie Prinze Jr underwent a surgical procedure involving his spine on November 20. Some of the pictures he posted show him wearing a neck brace but otherwise the actor looks just great.

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