Former Contestant Sues Tyra Banks And The Rest Of America’s Next Top Model

Australia's Next Top Model Welcomes Tyra Banks

Angelea Preston, a former contestant in America’s Next Top Model, is suing Tyra Banks, and the executive producer of the show and other execs for $3 million. Preston claims that she was wrongfully disqualified from the show which cost her the prize and all that comes with it.

Preston was eliminated and brought back to the show three times. The first time was in Cycle 12, but she was brought back to the show for Cycle 14, only to be eliminated again. Finally, they brought her back for an All Stars episode of Cycle 17. She made the top 3 finalists but then she was mysteriously disqualified.

As it can be seen in the episode, one of the judges said that the production team and the network learned something about Preston that made her unsuitable for the win, and she was disqualified. Preston says that the information must have been the fact that, prior to coming to the show, she used to be an escort.

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