Former American Idol Singer Arrested For Kicking Ex-Girlfriend


Former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis is in trouble with the police. He was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly attacking his ex-girfriend Angel Reed.

According to the reports, he first threw Reed down to the floor and then proceeded to kick her in the groin. That is what Reed, who is the mother of the singer’s four-year-old daughter, told police. However, Maroulis’ reps are denying everything and saying that Reed was the one who was being violent, adding that she actually started throwing things at him and trying to punch him first.

His reps said that he had left the home in order to diffuse the situation and to go somewhere where he would be safe from her. Police came several hours later and arrested Maroulis at the house on domestic abuse charges. The two have been together for six years, but the singer recently decided to break it off, which is what started the fight apparently.

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