For The Love Of Jah, Snapchat!


To honor Bob Marley and celebrate 4/20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana aficionados, Snapchat made one of the most poorly thought out marketing stunts in the history of modern marketing. Not only did they diminish Marley’s achievements, they also enabled users to apply the notorious Blackface to their images.

The media-sharing app presented a brand new Bob Marley filter yesterday, certain that what they came up with for the weed-themed holiday was brilliant. Well, as it turns out, the Internet went berserk when people actually saw what the filter does. Namely, in addition to changing the shape of your eyes and widening your nose, the filter also darkens your skin color, which is better known as Blackface. What’s more, it seems that Snapchat thinks that the reggae legend is only associated with marijuana use, which was definitely important to him, but not as much as his art.

Snapchat users pointed out that the filter was super offensive, but the app’s developers failed to acknowledge their mistake. They said that the filter was developed with the help and support of the Bob Marley Estate and that they just wanted to pay tribute to the late musician.

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