For Taylor Swift Only The Gods Are Good Enough!


We can’t help but wonder what would Odin think of Loki’s girlfriend choices, but he would probably, like most of us, be sorely disappointed. Taylor Swift, however, played her cards very well by exchanging one celebrity musician for a celebrity actor and it “looks like” it was perfectly planned.

Through Mirror we found out that Calvin Harris, who was until quite recently Swift’s sweetheart of choice, deleted all the pictures with Swift from his Instagram account, he even unfollowed her on Tweeter. When asked about the new love story that Swift has going on with Hiddleston, Harris played it very cool saying that “She’s doing her thing, dude!”

Doing her thing indeed, since this is not the first time that the new couple set the Internet on fire. Swift and Hiddleston had a steamy dance off at the Met Gala, in the beginning of May, while Swift still vocally proclaimed her love for Harris. Fifteen days after the fifteen-month relationship with the Scottish DJ ended, Swift was photographed in Loki’s arms.

From DJs to gods, Taylor Swift is doing everything but taking some time to be single, like she said she would do right after the breakup. Well, dating a god isn’t something that many girls can put in their resume, so when the chance arose, Swift naturally jumped at it, single life be damned!

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