For Ben Affleck, A Yankees Hat Is Where He Draws The Line


The movie Gone Girl is by all accounts going to be a great success. The director, David Fincher, and his star, Ben Affleck, seem to have a great working relationship, but it was almost jeopardized over a baseball cap.

There is a rather important scene in the movie where Affleck’s character is supposed to don a baseball cap. The film being set in New York City, it only made sense for it to be a New York Yankees hat. However, being famous as a passionate Red Sox fan, Affleck simply would not have it.

There was an argument and Affleck explained that he would do anything for Fincher, anything except wearing a Yankees cap. Fincher wouldn’t budge either and for a while it seemed it was going to be a serious problem. Affleck then thought of a compromise – he would wear a New York Mets cap instead. Fincher accepted and the filming of the movie then proceeded to go off without a hitch.

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