First “Martin Lawrence” Pics Emerge, Fail To Dazzle


How can a couple made up of one of the hippest and most sought after Hollywood actresses and one of rock and roll’s currently biggest stars not be absolutely hot and fabulous? You don’t know and neither do we, but it has happened.

At least judging from the first shots of the latest “it” couple, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, already nicknamed “Martin Lawrence.” The photos that have emerged were taken backstage at a Coldplay concert and the couple just doesn’t look like they’re exactly head over heels in love.

Perhaps they are in that phase of the relationship where they feel self-conscious or shy around other people, or Chris Martin’s divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow is still fresh, or for whatever other reason they are not ready to start showing their passion and affection in public just yet.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that those who were eager to see the couple’s first photos together were left quite disappointed, to say the least.

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