Farrah Abraham’s Lip Job May Be Worst Ever

The photo of Farrah Abraham post-lip injections may serve as one of those gross, way too graphic anti-smoking ads you see on cigarettes, but in this case as a caution against plastic surgery.

The reality star says she came in for a lip enhancement job and came out looking scary, to put it lightly. Her upper lip is humongous and her entire face looks ridiculous.

Farrah tried to be a trooper about it, posting the pictures on her Twitter account, saying “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!” and with the hashtag #BOTCHED.

She even posted a collage of a picture of herself with a giant upper lip alongside an image of Leela fromFuturama, with whom she now shares an uncanny resemblance.

As for what exactly went wrong, Farrah believes it was a massive allergic reaction to the local anesthetic she was given before the procedure for inserting the lip implants.

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