“Fappening” May Cost Google $100 Million


A lawyer who has made a fortune out of suing in the name of famous Hollywood celebrities, Marty Singer, has sent a letter to Google, threatening them with a $100 million lawsuit.

He says that the company failed to react appropriately when a large number of celebrities’ phones were hacked and their nude photos leaked to the public.

Singer says that it is absolutely unacceptable for the world’s largest Internet search engine to allow the proliferation of those photos. What is worse, he says, it knowingly facilitated the online publication of intimate and private photos, which is not only immoral, but also illegal.

He also asks the company to put itself in the position of the celebrities that were wronged, asking how they and their families would feel in a similar situation. Singer also slams advertisers, who, together with Google, participated in this shameful scandal, according to him.

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