Fan Gives Kanye A Super Touching Gift


Oh my god, there are so many ways in which we could approach this story and try to be all funny about it. Do we rip on the fact that the painting of Kanye’s mother and daughter is one of the ugliest pieces of “art” that the world has seen? Do we rip on the fact that Kanye accepted it? Do we make a joke about a guy who would do everything, no matter how corny, to get publicity (the “artist”, not Kanye)?

No, we are above that. We are a classy bunch here at CelebrityDirt and instead, we will see this as a touching moment. We will understand that Kanye could not resist accepting a painting of his deceased mother and the granddaughter she never met, no matter how poorly done it may be.

Kanye is a good guy and we are sure you would have to be a robot not to accept something like this. Kanye is not a robot. He is one of us.

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