Family Hasn’t Come To See Teresa Giudice Behind Bars


Real Housewife Teresa Giudice has begun her second week out of her 13-month prison sentence, but her four daughters and husband Joe failed to visit her over the weekend.

According to E! News, her children had already planned their activities and Teresa didn’t want their lives to be uprooted. She wants their lives to continue as normally and uninterrupted as possible.

Since she’s in jail, Joe is in charge of the household.  However, family obligations are not the reason Joe didn’t show up for visiting hours. Since he is also a convicted felon and was involved in her trial, he didn’t get clearance to see her in time.

Insiders confirm that the family visit will most likely happen this coming weekend. And even though she didn’t see her kids, Teresa is doing fine in jail. She talks to her family on the phone frequently, writes e-mails and spends her time reading and working out.

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