Fake News About Rowan Atkinson’s Death Debunked!


So much didn’t add up in the rumors that Rowan Atkinson was found dead yesterday, still many were more than eager to accept his alleged passing as fact. True, many legendary actors have passed away in 2016, so much so that some people have made a full blown hoax business out of it.The Daily Record reports that the celebrity actor is completely alive and probably appalled by these ridiculous rumors of his passing.

Articles were springing everywhere yesterday about how Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean or Black Adder, committed suicide because he just couldn’t cope with his life anymore. There were even articles claiming that the actor suffered from severe depression, which was the reason for his alleged suicide. Nothing of the above is true of course, even though some articles “quoted police records.” Some of the stories claimed that Atkinson is/was 21 at the time of his death, which was surprisingly not enough proof that the news is false for some people.

There is no reaction yet from Atkinson himself, but there probably will be quite soon, so get ready.

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