Evans And Pratt Visit Children’s Hopsital in Full Superhero Mode


Movie stars Chriss Pratt and Chris Evans made a really fun bet in February for the Super Bowl. And it all went out like via Twitter. Pratt told Evans that if the Seahawks win, Evans will have to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as his Avengers character Captain America and waving a 12th man flag, which is what the Seattle Seahawks call their fans.

And if the Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots, Pratt would have to come to the Christopher’s Haven Children’s Hospital in Boston wearing a jersey of Patriot’s star quarterback Tom Brady while dressed as his Guardians of the Galaxy character Star-Lord.
The Patriots ended up winning the game, and both of the actors made good on their promises. Both Pratt and Evans came in full costume to hang out and take pictures with sick children at Christopher’s Haven. Twitter exploded with pictures of the two flexing their muscles and hanging out with kids at the hospital, having a good time and bringing smiles to their little faces.

The two ended up raising $27,000 for both the Boston and Seattle hospitals as well.

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