Eva Longoria Tries To Teach Victoria Beckham How To Use Snapchat, Fails Miserably


Victoria Beckham is a star on Instagram, with almost 10 million faithful followers. You’d assume that someone who’s been a celebrity most of their life would never have a problem with social media or popular media-sharing apps such as Snapchat. However, Beckham, who smiles on the rarest of occasions, also has a problem with goofing around.

Let’s get back to the beginning. Victoria and her husband David went on a double date with Eva Longoria and her soon-to-be-husband Jose Antonio Baston. As it often happens, the ladies took out their phones and decided to have some fun with Snapchat. The 41-year-old Desperate Housewives star introduced her BBF Victoria to some of the app’s face-altering options. They opted for the dog makeover.

The end result, unfortunately, didn’t turn out to be that impressive. While Longoria turned herself into an adorable dog like a pro, Victoria was unable to make the facial expression that was needed for her canine side to emerge. Better luck next time, Posh.

Fun night out with our men!! X @davidbeckham @evalongoria #whydoesntmytonguework? 🇺🇸👅 kisses X vb @brooklynbeckham

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