Elle Fanning Thrilled To Have Royal Ancestry


Actress Elle Fanning is amazed and can’t believe she is related to British royal family. Genealogy experts managed to trace her family history back to England’s Kind Edward III.

The star admits she was shocked when she read the results of Ancestry.com historian research. They discovered she is the 22nd great-granddaughter of the 14th monarch through her mother, Heather Joy Arrington.

Experts on the website also revealed that Fanning and her sister Dakota are related to Prince William’s wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as her mother Carole Goldsmith is a descendant of Edward III.

Amazed Fanning told Eonline.com, “It’s so weird. I saw it the other day. My cousins called me up and they were like, ‘Look online!’ I looked online and like, King Edward III is my great great-great-grandfather. I was like, ‘Is this real?’ It’s crazy.”

The results came as a surprise as Fanning, ironically, portrays a princess in the new Disney movie Maleficent. However, the 16-year old reveals she always loved to dig in the past, and her ancestry was always her interest.

She added, “I’ve always wanted to do the Ancestry.com thing because I think it would be really cool. But someone did it for me, which I think is great.”

As she covers the latest issue of ASOS magazine, she reveals a Snapchat addiction, as well as the secrets of her long blonde hair. She revealed that she’s not as clean as one might imagine.

“I wear my hair a lot in a ballet bun, because I go to classes, so I always have to throw it up,” she explained.

“Mostly I twist it, I’ll just wrap it around, and a lot of the time if it’s dirty enough it’ll stay there. I don’t wash my hair very much. I wash it like once a week.”

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