Ed Sheeran Sued For $20 Million


Ed Sheeran might be in big trouble. According to his accusers, his smash hit “Photograph” is a total rip-off of another song. To make matters worse, these are serious claims that are coming from a songwriting team that has written hits for celebrities like Kylie Minogue.

The lawsuit will reportedly be worth $20 million. However, there’s even more bad news for Sheeran. Remember when Pharrell and Robin Thicke had to cough up serious bucks for lifting the melody for their “Blurred Lines” hit from a Marvin Gaye tune?

Well, the same legal team that got Gaye’s family that victory in court is going to be battling Sheeran’s team in this case. According to the songwriters who are suing, Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, Photograph” sounds a lot like the track “Amazing” that they wrote for X Factor winner Matt Cardle back in 2009.

Check out the track for yourself and see if you can hear the similarities.

Photograph” was a chart-topping hit for Sheeran that reached number one on the Billboard charts last summer.

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