Dustin Diamond Released From Jail After Having Posting Bail

Dustin Diamond Status Hearing

Dustin Diamond was arrested on Friday morning following a bar fight in which he stabbed a man with a pocketknife. Yesterday he was released from jail, after having posted $10,000 bail set by a judge in Ozaukee County.

The actor says that he doesn’t feel wronged by his arrest and charges, because he knows how the system works and is willing to go through the process that will eventually exonerate him as an innocent man who acted in self-defense. He also said the police and their conduct was “exemplary.”

According to Diamond’s lawyer, Thomas Alberti, the defense is in possession of photographs and police officer statements that prove the actor was acting in self-defense.

His girlfriend was allegedly punched in the face and held down by several men, and getting into a fight with them and eventually stabbing them was an attempt to protect her

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