Drunk Scott Disick And Kourtney Kardashian Fight In The Hamptons


Although Disick and Kardashian are expecting their third child, it seems as though all is not well in their relationship.

According to recent reports, Scott and Kourtney have been fighting non-stop in the Hamptons.

Apparently, the mom-to-be has a problem with hubby’s behaviorWhile she shoots her reality show spin-off, Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hampton, Scott parties all the time. 

Over the recent months, Scott has been spotted without his wife multiple times, drinking away in clubs and surrounded by random, beautiful women.

Disick’s behavior may be explained by the deaths of his parents in a short period of time. According to Hollywood Life, Disick is having a challenging time coping with the passing of his parents.

In addition, Celebrity Dirty Laundry recently reported that Scott is not that happy with the third baby.

Scott stormed out of their rented mansion on June 9th, and then checked himself into a hotel.  The happy couple doesn’t seem so happy anymore.

While no one can be certain what the fight was about, it probably has something to do with Scott’s partying and drinking.

However, it is possible that the fight was just for show.

Be it as it may, Scott, Kourtney, and their son Mason were all spotted at a surf shop the day after the big fight, so clearly Kourtney and Scott made up pretty quickly.

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