Drink Coffee In the Real ‘Central Perk’ From Friends


In celebrating 20 years of our favorite sitcom ‘Friends’, Warner Brothers are opening a real ‘Central Perk’ coffee shop.

Visitors will be able to enjoy free coffee, and check out all the real props from the series. Gunther, the coffee shop manager, will also be there to make the experience even more authentic.

The iconic place was the venue where Phoebe performed her ‘music’, where Chandler shared his famous one-liners, where the longest love story began, and where some awkward conversations took place.

Visitors will also be able to sit on the legendary orange sofa.


It will open its doors at 199 Lafayette Street in Manhattan’s SoHo area, from September 17 after a media preview on Monday and Tuesday, September 15–16, and will be open until Saturday, October 18.

There’s a storm of selfies coming, we can feel it.

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