Drake Takes Ice Bucket Challenge After Show, Challenges Beyonce (VIDEO)


Drake is the latest in a long line of celebrities that has taken the ice bucket challenge. This is a challenge that is supposed to raise awareness for people who suffer from ALS.

According to the challenge, you have to allow yourself to be splashed with a bucket of ice water over your head.

And Drake chose to do it in front of a live audience at his recent shown in Pittsburgh. He is on tour with You Money exec Lil Wayne, who performed the challenge already and called out Drake to do it next. Lil Wayne actually helped, as he was the one who dumped the bucket over Drake’s head. As expected, the crowd in Pittsburgh went wild.

Once you finish the challenge, you need to nominate someone else to do it. And Drake chose to nominate the Queen B herself, Beyoncé. Let’s see if Beyoncé ends up following through on it.

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