Drake Gets Second Chance With Serena


Drake has apparently decided to turn a new page in his love life and try and woo American tennis player Serena Williams yet again. It seems he’s doing a good job so far, as evident from the recently-published pictures of the two having dinner.

Her friends and family have warned her not to allow Drake to hurt her again like he did last time, but it appears that she hasn’t really paid attention to those warnings. Serena has had a soft spot for Drake ever since the pair hooked up for the first time in 2011, but that didn’t end too well. Drake was unfaithful and really fancied hanging out with strippers and models.

And now, Serena’s giving him another chance. It looks like the pair is doing well, but how long it will last – we can’t say. Let’s just hope Drake’s eyes stay on her this time – instead of wandering to some scantily dressed girls.

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