Dr. Luke Claims Kesha Is A Liar


Yesterday, we wrote about Kesha’s case against her producer Dr. Luke who, according to her, raped and abused her in the past and whose side the court took when making the verdict. He went to Twitter to comment on the case and tried to explain everything from his point of view.

For one, he vehemently denied having sex with the famous pop star, let alone raping or assaulting her. He said that he considered her a friend and something of a little sister. He also added that he understood why various celebrities felt compassion for Kesha and he even told that he appreciated their concern.

Dr. Luke also found the time to address the issue of Kesha’s attorney Mark Geragos who was also the representative of Chris Brown and Scott Peterson. The producer said he found it quite difficult to  believe Geragos was much concerned with women’s rights.

He ended everything by saying he feels sad that a contract negotiation turned into something as ugly as this.

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