Donald Trump Responds To Celebs Threatening To Move To Canada


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump couldn’t care less about the growing number of celebrities who said they would leave the United States and move to Canada if he won the presidency.

The billionaire businessman was asked to comment on Lena Dunham’s statement at the Matrix awards, in which she claimed she would really move to Canada, adding that she could work from a “lovely place in Vancouver.”

Trump, who didn’t seem to be particularly interested in her threat, answered that he would be doing the US a “great service” if she indeed fled the country. He added that he feels the same about Whoopi Goldberg, who apparently agrees with Dunham.

When Trump heard that Rosie O’Donnell was among those stars that are horrified by the idea of him becoming the President of the United States, the reality-star-turned-politician said that he is now more willing than ever to serve the American people.

It appears that Hollywood will have to come up with something better than these warnings, as the remarks obviously have no effect on Trump.

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