Does Taylor Swift Finally Have A New Boyfriend?


After lamenting about how she might never have another meaningful relationship again because of her stardom, it seems that pop goddess Taylor Swift might actually have a boyfriend again. Nothing has been made official, but it looks like she and DJ Calvin Harris have been hanging out a lot recently.

And frankly, they look really good together. The couple was spotted outside of Whole Foods this week and best of all, it looks like they were wearing matching outfits.

So if they are already going food shopping together, it might really be serious.

According to reports, Swift recently attended one of Harris’ concerts in Vegas and some say that the DJ actually flew her out to the event. They were also seen recently at a Brit-Awards after-party flirting and having a lot of fun together.

All signs point to the fact that they are an item and frankly, we couldn’t be happier for Taylor.

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