Do You Like Lil Wayne’s Newest Face Tattoos?



Wholly tattooed Lil Wayne added couple of new tats this weekend.

First one is a line of Arabic text, that apparently says “Mumma’s boy” (?!) and on, nothing less than, his head, just above left eyebrow. He also got a big Eye of Providence on his chin.

Eye is nicely done in corelation to his old eyelid tats of “Fear God”, because Eye is a symbol of all-seeing God.

Artist who drew Tunechi’s new tats walked away with hefty sum of cash and a signed t-shirt. That’s cute.

Better pic of @liltunechi_c5. Thanks again, Wayne, and thanks, Devon for being so accommodating.

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Couple pieces I did on my man Li’l Wayne. Very hospitable, and professional client, thanks, Wayne!

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