Disney Twins Dylan And Cole Sprouse Graduate


Remember cute-as-a-button Disney Channel twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse? Well, the two of them are all grown up now. In fact, they both just graduated from the prestigious New York University with honors. The former stars of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are now 22 and ready for the real world.

Even though they are twins, they definitely have pretty different interests. While Dylan focused on video game design during his time at school, Cole completed an archaeology degree.

As you could probably have guesses, the twins grew up to be fairly handsome young men, but they are still easily recognizable as the kid stars under their caps and gowns.

The twins got their first big break in Big Daddy, but decided after about a decade in the business to put off acting for a while and focus on school.

Dylan resurfaced in the tabloids when fans noticed him working at a restaurant, which made people wonder if he had squandered all of his Hollywood money, but Dylan reassured fans on Tumblr that this was not the case.

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