Diddy Wanted By Police After Super Bowl Brawl


Police are looking to talk to rap mogul Sean Combs, aka Diddy, about an altercation that he was involved in this weekend while hanging out at a Super Bowl Bash.

A fan is accusing Diddy of slugging him and wants to file charges. However, there is video of the incident, and it clearly shows that the guy, Steven Donaldson, was asking for trouble.

According to the accuser, Diddy was supposed to host a Super Bowl party that he paid $100 to attend. But the rapper showed up very late and hardly ever went on stage, deciding to mostly hang out in VIP.
This angered the fan, who really wanted to see him, and so he decided to have a couple words with Diddy about it. And that’s when the fight broke out.

According to police, Diddy had already left the scene by the time cops arrived, but Donaldson, who was visibly drunk, was there and filed a report against the rapper.

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