Did Emma Watson Really Use Alan Rickman’s Death To Promote Feminism?


As millions of movie aficionados were mourning the death of Alan Rickman, the star of films such as Die Hard and Harry Potter, fellow actors and fans turned to social media to express their emotions and pay their tribute to one of Britain’s best actors. Emma Watson was, expectedly, one of them.

To say farewell to her Harry Potter co-star, Watson posted a number of Rickman’s quotes, one of them included his point of view on feminism. Here’s what she shared on her Twitter page, along with numerous other quotes:

Since we all know that the Internet is a harsh world, Watson was accused of using his name to promote her own ‘feminist agenda’ just minutes after the image was posted. It seems that all her good work as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador has been forgotten, as accusations poured in by the minute.

Here are some of the reactions to her tweet:

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