Did Diddy Knock Drake Out?


Art Basel is a big art show in Miami that a lot of hot starts attended. And of course, there’s always an after party with celebrities, and this time the biggest one was at a hot local club called LIV.

The club was full of huge rap names, since it was the first night of the clubs weekly rap party. On top of that, Miami local DJ Khaled was celebrating his birthday, so you know that the club was completely packed with all of the biggest names in contemporary hip hop chilling in the room.

But it wasn’t all chill according to sources. It seems that a big fight broke out and that it involved rap mogul Sean “P Diddy” Combs and Canadian rap star Drake.

And the sources say that Drake got a thorough beat down. Most people know Diddy as a rich playboy, but they forget that he started in the streets hustling. Drake on the other hand, is a Canadian suburbanite. Reports say that Diddy punched Drake in the face and landed him in the hospital.


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