Did Amber Heard Cheat On Johnny Depp?


Rumors have been circling that Amber Heard cheated on her now ex-husband Johnny Depp with none other than Billy Bob Thornton.

Of course, everyone is denying the accusations, especially Billy Bob and Amber’s people, but they are still hard to ignore. After all, we do know that Thornton has been known as a serious lady’s man in Hollywood, being married to a much younger celebrity actress Angelina Jolie back in the day.

The rumors of the affair all started from a photo that surfaced of Depp, who looked like he seriously hurt his hand after getting in a fight with Heard while they were living in Australia last year. And many believe that the fight was about Billy Bob.

Who knows what the true story is? What we do know is that Heard was supposed to give a deposition in court last week and didn’t show up. We still don’t know what kind of consequences that’s going to have for her domestic abuse and divorce case against Depp.

Sources say that the two sides are still trying to see if they can reach a settlement out of court.

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