Did Adele Really Turn Down Beyonce Collab?


Believe it or not, there are some people that can actually say “no” to Beyonce. And one of these people is apparently singer Adele. According to reports, the singer had an opportunity to collaborate with Queen Bey on a track and did not take it.

The rumor is that Beyonce was trying to get the British singer to work on a song with her for over a year, but Adele never showed any interest in doing it. The song that was supposed to feature Adele is going to be appearing as a solo song on Beyonce new album, sources say.

We understand that Adele does not need any help selling records. But why not take the opportunity to work with one of the greats? This is especially puzzling since Adele has made public statements about how she really admires and respects Beyonce. Whatever her reasons, it’s a pretty odd move to say the least.

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