Diaz, Upton And Mann Went Skinny Dipping


Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton were forced to stop their skinning dipping after the paparazzi discovered their secret place.

They were swimming naked for the purpose of their new movie The Other Woman.

They went for a nude swim while the making of the movie in Bahamas, and while having fun splashing around naked, they decided to make it a regular daily thing.

However, the fun was instantly over when the paparazzi turned up on the beach.

Upton told Live! with Kelly and Michael, “We went skinny dipping in the Bahamas… The next day they (paparazzi) came and we had to stop, which was a real joy kill (sic).”

However, she said that will be swimming naked again. She added, “Skinny dipping is the best thing ever, why wouldn’t we go skinny dipping?”

The movie tells the story about three women who find out the same man has been cheating on all of them.
The man is rich, handsome, and cheating on Kate (Mann).

Then Diaz comes at their door dressed like a stripper plumber.

Yes, stupid as that.

Kate and Carly work their way into an awkward friendship. Mark, the cheater, isn’t aware that either of them knows what’s up.

Soon Kate and Carly discover that there is yet another woman, Amber (Upton), much younger, to make it even worse.

So the three women bond, not just to help Kate rid of Mark, but to make him suffer along the way.

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