Diane Keaton Ate 20.000 Calories During Bulimia Battle


Actress Diane Keaton has now opened up about her secret struggle with a dangerous disease bulimia.

She revealed she binge ate 20,000 calories a day.

The Oscar winner began battling with the eating disorder in her 20s.

It happened after she has lost 10 pounds to star in Broadway musical Hair. After that, the star was battling the illness for four years.

Appearing on American talk show The Dr. Oz Show on Friday, May 9 the star revealed the extent of her past disorder, claiming a typical evening meal for her consisted of “a bucket of fried chicken, several orders of fries with blue cheese & ketchup, a couple (of) TV dinners, a quart of soda, pounds of candy, a whole cake, and three banana cream pies.”

She added, “It was horrible. It was, of course, the lowest point of my life… I was a fat person, I was an obese person, who had somehow tricked myself and managed to hide it.

So when you’re living with a lie for four years (sic). All I did was feed my hunger, so I am an addict. It’s true. I’m an addict in recovery, I’ll always be an addict. I have an addictive nature to me.”

The star beat the illness after spending a year seeing a professional, and now says she channels her addictive personality into her work and focusing on motherhood.

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