Depp’s Midlife Crisis Outlives His Marriage To Amber Heard


Johnny Depp is definitely losing some points with his numerous female fans as he jumps from honeymoon bed to divorce lawyer’s office. Probably the most famous and most loved actor in the world appears to be facing significant personal drama as his marriage unravels.

It was quite a shock for everyone when Johnny Depp decided to change his image from an incredibly charming family-oriented man to a thrill-seeking playboy, and the latest rumors of his divorce don’t help him in anyway.

Depp addressed the media through a spokesperson, saying that he has no intention of going into details about his personal life and that he hopes that this short marriage will very soon be ended.

It hard not to notice the bitterness in Depp’s tone, even through the spokesperson, which is not particularly surprising, seeing it was whispered that his short-term wife Amber Heard, almost didn’t attend her own wedding. Depp and Heard are apparently not in love anymore and it shows.

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