Demi Lovato Takes A Spill At Pool Party


Pop star Demi Lovato is busy promoting her new single “Cool for the Summer,” which she released on July 1. One of the bigger promotions that she was holding was a pool party for fans on Sunday.

The pool party took place at the Water Marke Tower in Los Angeles. However, the appearance did not go off without a hitch. Lovato ended up slipping and falling at the pool party, and of course, cameras were there to catch the spill. But Lovato took the fall in stride, joking about it and poking fun at herself. She tweeted that “it’s not a tour without busting ass” and she shared a slow motion video of her fall on social media with all of her fans.

She also hashtagged the video #NOTcoolforthesummer. It’s great that she has a positive attitude, and as they say, all press is good press. There’s a good chance that more people are going to check out the single because of the fall than would have if the party had gone off smooth without any bloopers.


#NOTCoolForTheSummer #FuckIt 😂😂😂😂


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