Demi Lovato Says Workouts Helped Her Conquer Eating Disorder


Demi Lovato has been sharing on social media about her workout regime and talking about how it has made her life better. According to the pop diva, she has never felt better physically, emotionally or mentally. She also said that her change in diet and exercise routines has helped her conquer her eating disorders.

And according to the singer, she could not have done it without her personal trainer Ronny Comacho.

Lovato said that she has been training with Comacho for eight months now and that she is a completely different personal. Comacho also prescribes her diet to her. Lovato said that he and his wife make the meals themselves.

She thanked them both on social media for getting up early to workout with her and staying up late at night to prepare her meals, and then gave Comacho and his personal training company a nice plug as well. And if you’ve seen any of her Instagram pics recently, you’ll have to agree that she’s never looked better.

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