Dead Man Found In Demi Moore’s Pool


First of all, this is a brand new piece of news and the facts are sketchy at best right now, so it might turn out that some of the stuff you will read here is not entirely true. Still, there was no way we were not going to write about this.

The confirmed facts are as follows – a man was discovered dead in the pool of a house owned by Demi Moore Saturday night. The man was 21 years old and he was discovered at the bottom of the pool Sunday morning.

Apparently, a party was thrown by a caretaker that Demi hires to take care of the house when she and her children are not around. The said caretaker threw a party, which most of the guests left late Saturday night, with some of them returning Sunday morning and discovering the dead body.

Demi and her children were not in town this weekend, according to the initial reports.

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