David Letterman Says Final Farewell To Viewers


After 33 years of laughs, Late Show host David Letterman said his goodbyes to all of his viewers with a star-studded line-up on last night’s show. In typical Letterman fashion, he chose to focus more on the laughs than the tears, having a good time instead of getting overly emotional about his departure from the airwaves.

The 68-year-old had some great bits lined up, included the hilarious “Comedy We Could Have Done Tomorrow.” The entire theme of the show was less about looking back, though memories were shared with a great lineup of guests. However, most of the jokes had a “what’s next” vibe to them, like when Letterman jokingly said that if he ever screws up, he’s going to have to go on someone else’s show to apologize to the public.

The Top Ten List was “Top 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave,” which obviously featured ten pretty big celebrities.

Letterman leaves with 6,028 shows under his belt, featuring almost 20,000 guests over 33 years.

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