Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mom Oils Him Up


Cristiano Ronaldo really earned this vacation. He just finished leading Portugal’s national team to the European Championship and was injured in the final game.

So, why not take a nice family trip to Ibiza to unwind a little and rest that injured knee? Considered one of the world’s best (and sexiest) soccer stars,Ronaldo took a vacation with his family on his luxury yacht.

The celebrity soccer star’s mom Dolores was there, and boy did she come in handy! Pictures of the family showed up online and the best pics are probably the ones in which Dolores is helping her sun apply sun tanning lotion.

It’s really hard to get the back of your legs by yourself, we all know that. Who better to help you out than your mother?

Ronaldo’s son Cristiano Jr. was also on the luxury boat and all of them were taking dips in the sea and catching some sun. Ronaldo was seen soaking up the rays, trying to make sure that his muscular physique stays well-tanned.

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