Courtney Stodden Offered Huge Money For Sex Tape


When you are a reality star that is known for marrying a man in his 50s at the age of 16, you might not have a lot of career options. Of course, you could always do a sex video. And it looks like that’s going to be Courtney Stodden’s next move.

According to reports, Vivid Entertainment has offered her a million dollars for her sex tape. Apparently Vivid boss Steven Hirsch has seen the video, in which Stodden is acting as a solo sex star and servicing herself, and he’s really impressed with what he saw.

So impressed that he’s willing to drop a milli to get it. And that won’t be it for Courtney either. In the deal, she will also be receiving bonuses and incentives if the movie does well, and we bet that it would.

So now it’s time for Stodden to decide whether she wants to sign the deal or not. We doubt she has any other big offers on your plate, why not do it?

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