Courtney Love Toned It Way, Way Down For Sons Of Anarchy

Premiere Screening Of FX's "Sons Of Anarchy" - Arrivals

When you think of Courtney Love, you probably think smeared red lipstick, heavy makeup, revealing outfits, spikes and leather.

Whether it is music videos, concerts, public appearances or the big screen (think People Vs. Larry Flint), Love is definitely not the type to dress her age.

That is why everyone was so surprised when the pictures from the set of Sons of Anarchy emerged, showing Love in a modest-looking blue dress and a mousy cardigan, with little or no makeup. We are just not used to seeing her toned down like that.

Courtney Love is apparently very enthusiastic about her work on the show. She says she wants to focus on her acting and hopes to do a great job. And she just might – remember her role in People vs. Larry Flint, which won her several awards and got her nominated for a Golden Globe? Maybe she can finally win one this time around.

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