Courtney Kardashian Will Leave If Scott Doesn’t Clean Up His Act


Scott Disick was late to Kris Jenner’s birthday on November 7 at Las Vegas’ Stack. This might be his last warning.

An insider says that he was hours late to the bash and that he was drinking heavily and acting crazy. He even repeatedly grabbed the DJ’s mic.

Kris did try her best to lighten up the mood in front of reporters. She said:

“Everything is wonderful! Kourtney is having a baby and, you know what? I am blessed.”

According to the same insider just after 1 a.m. Disick had violently shaken a champagne bottle and spilled ti all over Kris’ $3.995 Monique Lhuillier dress. The source stated:

“He was going nuts and was completely ­f-ked up. Kris pulled him aside and told him he needed to stop all of his craziness.”

This is not the first time that Scott has behaved appallingly. In June he left rehab after only five days after promising Kourtney to stay for the haul. Soon after he promised not to drink until the baby was born, but then he was caught chugging vodka cocktails. If he continues to defy her ultimatum to clean up, the insider says, Kourtney will leave him.


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