Courteney Cox Engaged?


Actress Courteney Cox has been seeing 37 year-old Irish musician Johnny McDaid for about 8 or 9 months now. He first became important to us in December of 2013. At that point, he had been seeing Courteney for a couple of months.

The couple seems serious and has been seen out together often recently. They also went on vacation, to Turks and Caicos, to celebrate Courteney’s 50th birthday.

She was “coincidentally” photographed in her bikini on the beach during their vacation. And she looks amazing.

Rumor has it Courtney possibly being engaged for some time, and this isn’t the first time she’s been seen with a ring on that finger. Courteney told E! that the ring didn’t mean anything, but it sounds like she actually is engaged.

She said, “This is not…the question at hand!..That I’ve worn forever!” She also said “Don’t look at my hands! They look horrible!

One source stated, “Johnny loves her daughter Coco, and he wants to marry Courteney. They have discussed getting engaged and everyone thinks it is going to happen.

She met Johnny through Ed Sheeran, who is friends with Jen Aniston. All of Courteney’s friends love Johnny, which is great because Jen wasn’t so fond of David Arquette,” Courteney’s ex-husband, with whom the star has remained on very good terms after their divorce.

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