Could It Be That Grumpy Cat Made Almost $100mil?


One of the most beloved and most widely used memes of all time, the face that looks at you disapprovingly from the coffee mugs, beach towels, t-shirts and toys, the Grumpy Cat, allegedly brought her owner a pretty nice amount of money, as much as $99 million, at least according to The Daily Express.

Her owner Tabatha Bundesen, however, says that the number is incorrect and that the cat hasn’t made nearly as much. This would make more sense than assuming that a cat, however expressive her face is, made more money than some A-listers, such as Bradley Cooper or Cameron Diaz.

On the other hand, another famous cat that just hates Mondays, Jim Davis’ Garfield, is worth some $800 million. That is definitely a role model the Grumpy Cat can look up to.

The kitten recently starred in Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, a Lifetime movie that proves that some things are meant to stay on the Internet.


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