Cosby’s Lawyers Complain Of ‘Smear’ In Rape Case


Well, Bill Cosby has hit the headlines once again – it goes without saying that we’re not talking about a rerun of The Cosby Show, or any positive media coverage at all, nope. The Bill Cosby ‘rape case’ is still in full motion, and it’s taking more turns than your average mountain road. This time we’re dealing with his lawyers, and it seems they are dissatisfied with Cosby’s recent media portrayal. He is pictured as a man who has confessed to drugging women and raping them, while his lawyers claim he admitted to nothing else but possession of Quaaludes.

Quaaludes were very popular during the 70s, true, and many people purchased them simply because they increased sexual arousal. It doesn’t seem that big of a deal if poor ol’ Bill just wanted to increase his “drive”, but this type of defense can prolong the case for an unlimited time.

Basically, we’re back to the “my word against yours”, or more like “my lawyers brawling your lawyers”, and it doesn’t look like the case is ending anytime soon.

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