Conservative Publication Calls Lena Dunham’s Rape Revelation ‘Gutless’


The conservative publication National Review features a cover story about the 28-year-old actress, writer and director Lena Dunham in which the author of the article calls her rape confession a ‘gutless and passive-aggressive act.’

Although Lena Dunham has been the target of many accusations in the past, Kevin Williamson takes thing to another level when he worries about the alleged rapist’s reputation and says that any woman claiming to be raped must release medical records in order to prove that the rape actually happened.

‘’As a literary stratagem — laying down a marker in the popular culture without making herself vulnerable to accusations that she might be taking herself too seriously — the maneuver is transparent…. Specifically, she uses it in her memoir to accuse a man of rape without having to take responsibility for the accusation.”

On the cover, Lena Dunham is portrayed as having the words sex, cowardice and narcissism tattooed on her arm.


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