Conservative Political Commentator Scolds Beyonce


One America News Network political commentator Tomi Lahren had some strong words for Beyonce in light of her recent Super Bowl Halftime Show performance that everyone is talking about.

Lahren is very upset about the fact that Bey gave the Black Panthers a shout out during her performance.

She said that Beyonce isn’t doing herself any favors by imposing her “pro-black agenda” on the millions of white fans that she has.

Beyonce was not the only one being criticized. Lahren also criticized prominent black Americans and celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith, Al Sharpton and even President Obama for “perpetuating the great battle of the races.”

She even took a stab at Beyonce’s hubby Jay Z, saying that she should start in your own home if she wants to focus on protecting black neighborhoods, stating that her husband has admitted to selling crack cocaine when he was younger. If you want to see the entire segment, you can check it out below.

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