Conchita Wurst Amazed Fans With G-A-Y Club Concert


Gender-bending Eurovision Contest winner Conchita Wurst thrilled fans in the U.K. on Saturday night, May 25. The crowd was amazed when bearded drag queen took the stage at the city’s most famous nightclub.

The singer from Austria, real name Tom Neuwirth, gave a stunning performance at G-A-Y, where singer pals Kylie Minogue and Miley Cyrus have also recently performed sets.

Conchita prepared for the big concert with an interview with British TV host Graham Norton, who introduced the entertainer at G-A-Y.

During the interview, the star revealed Sir Elton John sent a bouquet to congratulate her on her win.

She also said she received a tweet from legendary Cher. She added, “I was so excited to receive the tweet, which said, ‘Darling, you deserve a lovelier name and better wig’.”

Wurst also told the host that she hopes to host the Eurovision Song contest in Vienna, Austria next year.

More on Wurst news, it is said that she won’t be welcome in Russia. The winner of Eurovision usually tours the continent after their victory, but now Russia has stated she won’t be welcome.

Vitaly Milonov, a deputy in St. Petersburg’s legislative assembly, stated that her entry into the country would be banned under Russia’s law against “gay propaganda”, which he helped write. The good news is that Russia’s culture ministry has denied its ability to prevent performers from entering the country based on facial hair.

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