Comedy Central To Cut Paul Walker Jokes From Bieber Roast


The Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber was a lot of fun, and fans can’t wait to see the full thing when it airs. However, there were some jokes that got a little too out of hand.

Roasts are known for being anything but politically incorrect, but jokes about Paul Walker, the recently deceased young actor, went a little too far. And as a result, Comedy Central has made the decision to edit these jokes out of the show.

The audience at the event would probably agree that the jokes were tasteless. There were many topics covered during the taping, serious ones like the accusations against Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct, but the jokes about Walker received nothing but groans from the crowd.

Rapper Ludacris, who was on the dais and was Walker’s co-star and good friend, was particularly unamused by the jokes and made the “cut” motion reacting to the jokes at the taping.

Even Bieber said that he did not like the jokes about Walker when asked about the roast later on.

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